ERP in Education: Pros and Cons
We live in a world of computers; technology has changed the way we perceive, we live, towards better. And education is one such domain where technology has changed the way it is delivered, a completel... read more

5 Ways to Utilize Wearable Devices for Education
As wearable technology is gaining more and more popularity in our everyday lives, in the form of fitness bands to smart watches and Google Glass, it has started to take a hold in the education market ... read more

Top Technology Trends in Education: 2015
Pressure is continuously rising on education budgets across the globe. Yet the education sector is increasingly investing in technology related to learning. With vital stats showing 55% jump in educ... read more

A Comprehensive Report on 5 Emerging Educational Technologies
Education system is continuously evolving and we see new technologies coming now and then quite frequently. Here is a collection of such 5 emerging technologies that will impact the education world... read more

Common Myths about Virtual Learning
With the usage of computers becoming more common, it is revolutionizing almost every area of human life. One of such areas is the way people learn. This penetration of computers into the learning sphe... read more

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