The Techniques to Make Debate A College-Readiness Tool
Student debate engages students in relevant learning and encourages them to be deep thinkers. It is more than just arguing. It has a defined structure and rules to keep both sides calm while moving on... read more

How to nurture out-of-the-box thinking in children?
Children are increasingly encouraged to learn Mathematics and Science and acquire reading skills. Though the importance of learning these cannot be denied in any way, critical and out-of-the-box think... read more

Improve communication in institutes with digital technology
There are many tools that can help enhance student learning, foster recruitment and support staff development in schools and colleges. Some of such tools are discussed below. Student learningBrowser-b... read more

How Institutions can use Technology to Enhance Efficiency and Effectiveness?
The socio-economic system where educational institutes exist today is extremely dynamic and competitive. As a fact, the scope and scale of forces confronting them have increased significantly over the... read more

4 Changes Indian Education System Needs to Undergo
Indian Education system has always been alleged by students, parents and teachers for some or the other reason. While the students think they are overburdened, parents feel they should earn 99.99% and... read more

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